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We are focused on providing the absolute best in electronic assembly for low to mid volume production. Our SMT production utilizes state-of-the-art automated equipment, supported by our highly trained and experienced personnel.We are constantly reinvesting in the newest technologies to ensure products of the highest quality at a competitive price.


We will customize our process to fit your special application and assembly needs, providing you with the highest quality at a competitive price.
Our robotic placement systems have a wide variety of component mix. The vision system checks lead co-planarity and component dimensions for placing fine pitch QFPs to 12 mil lead spacing, BGA and Micro BGA.
We utilize our high-tech automation equipment and its high quality process for all of our customers.
We implement 100% visual inspection and process central at all steps of production.
Our Quality Control involves incoming inspection monitoring at all process steps.
   Vision Placement
   SMT Production
   High speed placement - multi-head, on-the-fly centering
   Laser align technology - improving accuracy

Prototyping Capabilities
One to thousands of boards
Quick Turn Prototypes
High-tech, High-Mixed (our specialty)
SMT and Throughhole
Visual Placement - Robotic placement systems offer a wide variety of component mix - fine pitch QFP to 12 mls lead spacing
BGA and Micro BGA