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QSM's goal is to assist you through all of the stages of your project - from design through purchasing and assembly. Our automated machines offer you cost and time efficiency. Our manufacturing equipment has been selected to provide the highest degree of flexibility at the same time maintaining high capacity utilization rates.

Chipshooter FX1-R

Line Automatic Board Unloader



Surface Mount Assembly
Employs upward vision to achieve perfect placement of BGA’s and other fine pitch components. It has placement rates of up to 13,000 components per hour. It provides accurate placement of components ranging in size from 0402 capacitors and resistors to QFP 208’s. It accommodates boards ranging in from 2"x2" to 16"x18".


Surface Mount Reflow

Maintains uniform heat flow in each zone. It delivers 100% repeatable profile performance. Temperatures vary no more than plus or minus 2°C, providing accurate graphical documentation of temperature profiles.


Surface Mount Printing

Has 100% vertical controlled speed separation for maximum repeatability, providing perfect solder paste deposition down to12-mil pitch. 


Selective Solder

Is perfect for mixed technology boards. It ensures the highest quality through-hole solder joints with exceptional precision and repeatablity. 


YES Technology
YTV-2000 automated optical inspection


Epilog Legend Laser Engraver

Work Area 

36" x 24" (914 x 609 mm)


Red Dot Pointer, Air Assist, Auto Focus, Integrated Vector Grid & Vacuum Table, Radiance™ High Energy Optics, Permanent   Job Storage


Our Equipment

SMT Equipment


Inspection Equipment/YES Tech

Auto Screen Printers

Chip Shooters/Placers/Mounters

Convection Ovens

Board Loader/Unloader


Rework Stations

Cleaning Washers/Ultrasonic Cleaners

Stereo Microscopes

Soldering Stations

Axial Lead Cutters

Radial Lead Cutters

Laser Cutters



Thermal Coupler

Coating Systems


We update this page frequently with new equipment or additions to existing machinery.